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Superduo Beaded Pendant Tutorials

2 hole beads are all the rage.  Superduos are made in Czechoslovakia. They are a bit bigger than the twin beads from Preciosa which is also from the same country. Here are some of my superduo tutorial favorites.  Italian beader, Patty Perline,  has an awesome Super Duo pendant tutorial called the Rosa Carolinga on her blog.  Her diagrams are self explanatory.

Her inspiration came from the ancient Flower of Life motif.  The picture below is on a portal of an ancient house in Erbanno, Val Camonica, Italy. It is a variation of a geometrical element consisting of several even spaced, overlapping circles.

Picture Source
The awesome Thai blogger Bee Jang has a lovely Estelia pendant tutorial using rice shaped Super Duos.

This gorgeous pendant design is by princy1905. Her video tutorial is in Italian. You can still follow the tutorial via the translated captions. Just head over to the actual Youtube video and click on "CC". Turn on the closed captions and change the translate language to English. It's not perfect but you'll get the gist.  Hit the stop button and rewind if you need to see a step over again.  (Update : it seems that the English captions are not there.  Maybe I was dreaming when I thought I saw them.)

Another of her video tutorials uses both superduos and tila beads.  You can't see the tila beads as they are under the rivoli.  The design without the central rivoli is just as lovely!

She also did a video tutorial on superduos with dagger beads!  Cool!

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  1. How in the world did you get it to translate Pearl? It only gives me the option for the Italian captions! You must have some You-Tube magic up your sleeve!

  2. Nope. Just my bad, Jamie. I thought she had it in English. All I can suggest is you either translate line by line manually or stop and rewind to watch carefully.

  3. I usually just watch and rewind rewind rewind. Thanks Pearl. Love your blog, as always! One of my top favorites!

  4. Ooh! Everything looks so good! :) I hope I had the hands for that kind of assignment cause that will definitely cut my shopping budget in half.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing my videos :) princy1905 :)))


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