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Think about it.  If you were to go about designing a new form of jewelry that's not already been done before, what would it be?  The chances are, most of us would be left scratching our heads.  Not so with Lee Hsin, a young designer who came up with her Embellishment the Chest idea. Her aim was to challenge our stereotypical views of jewelry. She certainly succeeded.

 Her cleavage jewelry not only adorns the bust but removes the need of a chain entirely!  It is a combination of a brooch and a necklace which requires the space between the breasts for support. The silicon frame is hidden between the breasts and is anchored to the bra so it doesn't fall out.

She won a 2013 prestigious Red Dot Award for this innovation. Innovations and prototypes are tomorrow's products. A win is a significant boost to a designer's reputation and career.

The Red Dot international design competition has been ongoing since 1955. In 2013,  there were over 15,500 applications from 70 countries!  Any one can enter.  The adjudication process is fair because the judges are not given any information about the designers.  This results in a wide range of winners - from individual design students to teams from professional design studios, big companies and design institutes.

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  1. YUCK!!! I think it is downright ugly. And just the thing to instigate more rapes from men who can not control their lust. As if they can't keep their eyes off women's breast enough already, give me something to really draw their attention.

  2. It may not be attractive to some. Rape is not the fault of women.

  3. The other way to view it is a cover-up for the cleavage.

  4. It is no doubt an innovation, especially since there is a hidden support structure. I like it, the jewels are airy and sexy.

  5. I do have to chuckle about this. For years, we have been telling men to look at our faces not our boobs and then someone comes up with a design that almost demands that they look down. I can see someone dressed up for red carpet wearing something like that with diamonds however.

  6. I think the delicateness of these designs makes them really beautiful - I'd wear them for sure, and I'm not the 'attention-seeking' type. You could easily wear these with a higher-cut top if you were concerned about showing off too much cleavage, since they come out right at the top of the cleavage, probably no lower than a pendant on a 20" necklace would reach.

    The idea that this could 'instigate more rapes' is frankly offensive to the designer and to women in general.


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