Some of my favorite tutorials are those which deliver the biggest look but are yet easy.  Check out Alyssa Titus's tutorial over on her blog, Undeniable Glitter.

The design consists of multiple beaded memory wire bracelets, groups of which are braided together.  They are easily linked at the ends.  Really simple to make with tons of color options. 

One word of caution.  Never ever use your small flush cutters for cutting memory wire. That would be a sure fire way of ruining them.  Use either heavy duty wire cutters or proper memory wire cutters.  I used ordinary wire cutters for years until I bought memory wire cutters like this one.  You can get different makes of cutters from many jewelry craft suppliers.  They do make cutting memory wire much easier!

Memory wire is a shape memory alloy that is also used in dentistry  - otherwise known as braces!

Hat tip to Angie Martin of Nannys Pink Passion on Facebook

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