I don't know about you but I've always found plain rhinestone either too plain or just too fancy for everyday wear.  Well, no more.  Here are some ways to add color and to tone down the bling factor!

Erica Coffman of Honestly.... WTF designed the braided embroidery floss with rhinestone necklaces shown above.  Her tutorial is really neat to see as she has a clever way to add the clasp and jump ring. I would use either a soldered jump ring or a split ring so that the thread(s) holding the ring do not accidentally slip through the gap.

The really pretty in pink rhinestone bracelet design  is by Cathy over at Trinkets in Bloom.  She braided the rhinestone chain with ribbon and embroidery floss.  But really, you can experiment with maybe leather cord or even a thin chain!

 Check out the lovely rhinestone and rolo chain woven Galaxy bracelet tutorial by Kelsey over on Loose Ends.

 Yet another variation is the woven cord and rhinestone tutorial by Berrilla. The blog is in Turkish but the step by step photographs are great so you don't really need to translate it.

The fun tassel earrings tutorial by Anna over at the Plan B blog uses something clear like shrink plastic as the base for the rhinestones.  She is one of those amazing bloggers who do it in 2 languages!

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