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Do you sell jewelry?  If so, you probably have some displays.  There are all types available out there although some artisans prefer to make their own (see links below).  I myself bought one black bracelet holder and promptly regretted it as my designs did not show well.  I now use whitish fabric or even frosted plastic displays for my more colorful designs.

The choice of what color background is very much dependent on the predominant color of your jewelry designs.  I like it when someone actually does the experiment to show this is indeed the case! 

Sarah from the Jewelry Supply company demonstrated on this video, the difference black, grey and white backgrounds make to a range of crystal colors.

It's really much like the backgrounds we pick for jewelry photography.  Grey is the easiest compromise as it will show off all colors well. I sometimes use black for jewelry photography as it brings out strongly silvered or light designs better.  But I prefer lighter jewelry display backgrounds as the lighting may not be great in some locations. Black makes it harder for people to see the pieces.

At least that's what I think. What do you think? 

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  1. I think it depends on the color and material of the item, most of them look good on white or gray but shiny gold/brass looks better on white and matt gold tones look better on black. Textile fibres look better on white and Solid deep stones look good on beige

  2. The eternal dilemma. I started out with a black tablecloth and black busts/T-bars, and while it looks quite dramatic, many pieces get lost, while others pop. I'm currently experimenting with an off-white woven-stripe tablecloth across the top of the table, as well as a warmer, slightly coppery woven-stripe tablecloth (both available from Dollarama). Both have garnered lots of compliments, but the coppery one is really useful as just about every colour and style of jewellery and bead pops on that one. Anything clear crystal or white (pearls, for example) tends to get lost on the off-white cloth. Always essential whatever the background colour is very good overall lighting and, if possible, spotlighting.

  3. I will never forget the time I was at a show beside a vendor with the most amazing beaded jewellery that was displayed on black bust forms at her table without any lighting. It was all I could do NOT to say "Try white!" All of her pieces were (visually) lost. One of our bead show vendors did an informal experiment with her own work and she found she sold 30% more jewellery from a white/cream background compared to a black one.Your idea about testing your work first before a sale is SO important!!!

  4. I have found that going with a beige linen color works best for me. Lets the jewelry really show well. Is neutral and warm. Is more natural, like skin. My tablecloths are white and floor length, which is easy to punch up with a gorgeous over lay, like a gold lame for the Christmas show I do. True, it's not as dramatic as some of my neighbors, but what they see is the jewelry. Not all the drama; which is not what I there to sell.

  5. Those are great tips and suggestions! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I've never tried grey but I agree that beige is good and that we need a choice of backgrounds.

  7. Great tips! I still struggle with my pictures and really not sure about what background to use. Thanks for the video Pearl I think that it will help me with the next time I am not sure what background to use. Pinning. Thanks!


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