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More Lovely Chain Necklace Tutorials

Chain is one of my favorite components.  I am not alone. Many people prefer to wear metal chains too. So here are some ideas to make chain necklaces more fun to make.  This lovely Peter Pan collar necklace is simple but oh so effective in highlighting the focal dangle.  The tutorial is by Xenia Kuhn over on the Fashionrolla blog.

Another easy way to dress up chain is to go big with the jump rings and add a crystal in each ring.  Also add more than one chain to make a bigger statement. If you need a tutorial, check out the Crystal Chain Link Necklace Tutorial by Mable over on Think Crafts. The instructions cover how to make your own jump rings using a marker pen as a mandrel.  Try and make clean cuts - Karen Meador's tutorial on how to make jump rings shows the proper way to flip the cutters with each cut to get flush edges.

Chain maille is the way to go if you love the look of chain but want to make it more substantial.  Erica's tutorial over at Honestly...WTF is clear - I like how she places the European weave work in progress on her finger for all to see.

Want to go punk but still girlish?  Then check out Mark Montano's blog for a Tom Binns inspired Pins and Pearls necklace tutorial which builds on a chain.

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  1. Looks like my afternoon is going to be spent enjoying some great tutorials. Thanks Pearl. :)

    I really adore that sweet and very feminine Peter Pan collar chain necklace, and I would love to see that rockin' punk, Safety Pin and Pearls necklace done with gunmetal chain and safety pins . . . wonder if they make gunmetal safety pins?

  2. I'm sure they do make safety pins in all kinds of colors. The question is sourcing them!


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