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How to Bead a Chandelier

Got a boring old chandelier?   Got plenty of cheap beads or know where to get some?  Then grab your glue gun and follow Lindsay of Makely School for Girls' Easy DIY Beaded Chandelier tutorial.

She did a fabulous job in reviving a black chandelier and making it into a statement piece. You don't have to pick rainbow colors.  It is a wonderful opportunity to change say a black chandelier into a bronze one.

Her post shares lots of great tips on how to pull this home decor trick off!

Hat Tip to Nanny Pink's Passion on Facebook.

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  1. I sometimes find myself wondering if we go over board with the beads. Then I see this and come to my senses. There can never be enough! Great job!

  2. Nancy- we'll said! There is indeed no such thing as too many beads.

  3. Now that's a project only a true beadaholic would attempt. lol I'm sure this looked awesome and added just the right touch of whimsy and fun to Lindsay's playroom. And I agree with her - it would look fabulous in sparkling, hot pink for a girl's room.


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