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Infinity Wire Link Bracelet with Heart Clasp Tutorial

Mother's Day is coming up. What can we make that expresses never ending love for these special women in our lives?  Infinity wire link bracelets AND a heart clasp!  The clever combination idea and excellent tutorials are by Lisa Yang who shared them on her blog.

She divided her instructions in two parts - one for the infinity wire links and one for the wire heart clasp.

Lisa used a black marker pen to mark her round nose pliers in order to get consistent loops for her infinity wire links.   But she does have a  3-step looping pliers to help her with the larger loops of the heart.  Bail forming pliers are great for  both these jobs!  I have all 3 sizes from Wubbers.

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  1. Love the infinity link bracelet and the heart clasp tutorial is super as is Lisa's blog. I visited there and ended up also reading her tutorial on making copper ball headpins. (I'm easily distracted. lol)

    Guess Lisa and I were struck by the same muse. About 3 weeks ago I created a chain necklace using modified hooks, figure 8 links and an assortment of different shaped, handmade links. It was fun making the chain and I'm really liking the "funkiness" of it. :D


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