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Real Eggshell Jewelry Tutorials

I love eating egg salad sandwiches!  But I really have to remember to try and do something about the eggshells and not just throw them away into the compost bin!   The beautiful beads shown should inspire us all!

Adrianne over at the Happy Hour Projects came up with her fun eggshell mosaic bracelet (shown above) using polymer clay, Mod Podge glaze and alcohol inks! 

Any useable firm surface will work including wooden beads!  Check out Gail of Can't Stop Making Things' tutorial.  She uses tacky glue as the adhesive.

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  1. I guess egg shell jewelry is becoming popular again

  2. The effect is unusual and beautiful! Just a note - decoupage over egg shell looks interesting, too!

  3. Yup! I just love this recycling idea!

  4. Love the way the eggshell mosaic looks on the bracelet focal piece. The tutorial was clear, easy to understand and a technique that produces a beautiful result. Thanks for finding the tut and posting about it. :)


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