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I think I can be forgiven for being totally ignorant about what spin pins are!  It has been decades since I wore my hair long.  But I have since found out they are great for securing hair buns and eliminating the need for gadzillion hair pins.

They are a kind of wire corkscrews.  They are inserted clockwise into hair buns and removed in an anti-clockwise fashion.

Heather over on The Spohrs are Multiplying has a super idea on how to decorate ready made spin pins. These plain pins sure do need some pizzazz.  She recycled some old jewelry and glued them on.

These can also be wired on.  If you look carefully at the pin, it was made by doubling up a length of wire which is then wound around a mandrel.  So you can DIY them if you can handle thick wire.  Heather says to try smaller pins for people with fine or less hair (like children)

Now that it's getting warm, time to spin up long hair!

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  1. I have a heirloom pin like this, but you need a lot of thick hair in order to wear it or it just falls off

  2. It could be the size of the pin. Less hair - smaller pin needed.

  3. Don't feel bad. My hair is almost to my butt, & I've never heard of spin pins either. gonna look for them now though!

  4. I LOVE my spin pins! I use mine all the time and they work so well. When I first bought them, I figured they were just another gimmicky product but they are awesome. This is such a cute idea. I may have to buy some more just for embellishing purposes.

  5. Had never heard of spin pins before (though on the other hand I know very little of fashion and hair accessories in general). They look fun! Might see if I can find a couple somewhere, but often my hair is too typically scandinavian for many hair accessories. Could use some fuller, thicker hair...

  6. I've not heard of them either but I have a hunch if I asked my granddaughter, Lexus, she could tell me all about them.

    They do look pretty when decorated and I can see how the corkscrew design would grab hold of a lot of hair keeping it in a tidy bun or roll.

  7. I have found the pins in different colors at the dollar tree, but I haven't embellished them yet, they are very cute that way.


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