Riveted leather bracelets are so cool - both to make and wear.  They are ideal for masculine jewelry and for women who don't like bling.  But we all want to rivet the easy way, right?  And without having to spend a lot on expensive tools.

One easy way to do traditional riveting is to use compression rivets and snaps. These are 2 part rivets which are heftier than the wire rivets.  One manufacturer/supplier is TierraCast which offers a line of jewelry rivets and snaps - they have a variety of decorative snap covers.

Their excellent video shows you the correct way to place the relevant parts and how to strike the hammer to get them perfectly set. knowing how to set just snaps will make simple leather bracelets possible. But being able to add stamped metal shapes really ups the design quotient!

Please note I have no association with the manufacturer.

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