Some of the loveliest resin jewelry I have ever seen are made by fellow Canadians, Jessica and Gwynne Burgess over on their Etsy store, Rosella Resin. Their numerous admirers and customers think so too! Quite deservedly, they were featured on Etsy's blog not too long ago.

with gold flakes

The two sisters have a wonderful way of including all sorts of materials in their faceted rings and bangles. Silver and gold flakes are very popular designs which mimic gemstones.  They also use natural material such as heather, bark, shells and feathers.   The parrot feathers used are natural, not dyed, and as they were collected via molting, they are thus cruelty free.

with heather

It was Jessica who started it all when she took a casting course in Melbourne, Australia. She also collected beautiful parrot feathers including that of the Crimson Rosella, which later inspired their shop name.  Both of them now live in different parts of Ontario Canada but jointly run their store.

with silver flakes 

The process of making their distinctive jewelry is long. They make all their own molds from high grade silicone. The inclusions are then added before the resin is poured.

They do not use regular resin but an eco one from Entropy Resin which has been certified by the USDA as a bio based product.  The Burgesses said, " Unlike most petroleum-based resins, this eco resin incorporates bio-derived materials such as pine oils derived from waste streams of other manufacturing products." 

The eco resin takes a long time to cure - a week - after which they have to sand and polish each piece using more than 10 grades of sandpaper and polishing tools!  Very inspiring!

With moss, lichen and bark

Modeled Photo by Ashley Church (Dinosaurtoast), Model : Amber Dallas.

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