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Book Review - Stylish Jewelry Made Simple

Many beginners start off with stringing.  But by adding two more popular techniques like wire work and stitching beads, the design diversity will increase.  Often little tricks will make the difference between ordinary looking jewelry and stylish pieces.

The cover design of the book  Stylish Jewelry Made Simple which I just received for review, is an excellent example of simple yet effective creativity.  The right angle weave of long Lucite cylindrical beads with a hourglass bead and a go-go pendant for the clasp is very clever!

The 45 project book is filled with the designs curated from the previous year's issues of Bead Style magazine. It is a steal at $22! This book is also spiral bound. Making it lie flat when opened is rather handy.  Another difference is the way the projects are divided into color categories - reds, greens, blues, pinks and neutrals - rather than by technique.  This makes visual sense but from a design point of view, other color choices will also work for any given design. The last two chapters are devoted to metals and mixed media.

The projects all contain many ideas of putting together different components. Suppliers of some of the key components are also helpfully included in each project's material list. Not all books include details like this.

Although the key techniques are stringing, wire work and stitching beads, there are others in the book such as resin, patination and braiding. Plenty of helpful tips throughout the book are included such as how to use a locking crimp.

This book is ideal for beginners and for those suffering from a design block.  It is a great help for those who crave style without having to sweat it.


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  1. The books look interesting and "Stylish Jewelry Made Simple", really intrigues me. It's nice that this book lists sources for some of the supplies, nothing is more aggravating than to see something you'd like to make but then cannot find a key component that is required to make it.

    Guess the only other thing more aggravating are anonymous spammers. Like the 2 who've left comments unrelated to this post followed by links back to their websites. :D

  2. I agree that not listing key items is annoying!

    Thanks for alerting me to the spammers who got through because I clicked wrong! They are gone!

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