Someone I know back in Halifax lucked out on a large supply of belly dancer jewelry supplies! Lucky her!  If you've ever seen belly dancer jewelry, you'll know they are designed for sound, movement and perhaps to shimmer with every shimmy! Coin charms are popular components as they do look fabulous when used in long sections like in the belts.

So here is a great kumihimo bracelet tutorial by Alison over at Dream a Little Bigger utilizing a great many coin charms.

Although it is possible to attach the charms with their jump rings after a kumihimo bracelet is made, Alison's way of incorporating them much like for beads will ensure even distribution.

Today belly dance is popular world wide. It originated in the Middle East long ago. It is both a social dance (by ordinary people in regular clothes) and a performance art there.  While belly dance in the West often comes across as sexy, this cultural dance is also known as a wonderful form of exercise. Those stomach muscles, abs, lower back and hips really do get a good work out.

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