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Rachel Norris lives in North Cornwall, England.  I have been very fortunate and have seen for myself the rugged beauty of the landscapes and especially the seascapes of this part of the country. So with all that outstanding natural beauty, it is no wonder Rachel is inspired by nature.

Her work often features both flora and fauna. Rachel uses coiled wire to great effect.  I particularly love how she makes thick wire cord by twisting strands of coiled wire reminiscent of some Celtic torcs or torqs.

Rachel also incorporates gemstones to great effect!  All beautifully inspiring!

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  1. OMG, her work is phenomenal! What talent! I love ALL of her pieces that you've shown. The craftsmanship is amazing. Can you tell that I am really blown away by the beauty and the expertise of Rachel's work ?

  2. Beautiful. Her work is very original, & gorgeous.

  3. wow - the celtic bracelet is stunning. simple coils and wrapping have been utilised extremely well to create fantastic pieces

  4. Fabulous work! Use of wire mastered to perfection!


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