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Canada and US Patriotic Beaded Bracelet Tutorials

Canada and the US are about to share their special days - on July 1 and July 4.  So here are a couple of super beaded bracelet tutorials so you can join in the festivities as only a die hard beader would!  Katherine Matthew is the designer behind this knitted O Canada beaded cuff tutorial using a 3-ply fingering yarn.

I like how she made it reversible with the color scheme. Either way, the maple leaf stands out.

This wavy American flag video peyote bracelet tutorial from the folks at Potomac Bead Company is a stunner! Love how it is wavy!

It might be possible to adapt some other country flags using either of the above tutorials, mightn't it?

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  1. Great tutorials. Thanks Pearl.
    I love the wavy effect that Potomac Bead created in their bracelet. Though the video was long it was easy to follow - just wish they also offered a printable version of the instructions the way that knitted "O Canada" beaded cuff did. I have trouble beading at my computer desk white trying to follow directions in a video, I usually end up dumping beads all over the floor. But then I am not the most coordinated person. :)

  2. Do you pause videos while you are following them? That might help and reduce the accident rate!!


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