Resin clay has got to be one of the most versatile clays out there for jewelry making.  I like it because you can color it and stick to just about anything.  Fran over on Fall for DIY has a fabulous statement ring tutorial which takes advantage of the properties of the clay.

Fran is actually wearing 3 of her double faux agate rings in the picture!  As you can see from her tutorial, each ring consists of 2 "stones".

The epoxy resin clay she uses is a 2 part putty called Superfine White Milliput.  Jewelry making is just one application for this product. It is also used for the restoration of ceramics and porcelain. You can also use crystal clay or other brands of modelling clay like Apoxie.

She colored the clay for a faux metal look.  Fran's suggestions include gold leaf, gold spray paint and gold enamel paint.

She used 3 colors of cold enamel to fill the dips in the clay.  Check out the instructions on how to use the cold enamel over on her tutorial for a faux agate necklace.   Like resin clay, you have to mix the cold enamel with a hardener and leave it for several hours, preferably overnight to solidify.

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