There are all kinds of beaded DNA jewelry designs but nothing like the personalized DNA bracelet cuffs that will be offered by DNAME after a recently successful Kickstarter campaign.  These are truly unique as no two people will have the same designs.

This Italian based company first analyzes your DNA and then laser engraves some of the code onto a titanium or iron cuff bracelet. (I am wondering if they meant stainless steel as opposed to iron.)  The metal cuffs sit on a rubber base which comes in a variety of colors.

What about security and privacy?  They said they will work with a "highly speciliazed laboratory with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation (a worldwide quality control system) to ensure the highest standard in terms of security and privacy"  and that the genetic information will never be disclosed to third parties.

Given that each of us has about 3 billion base pairs in our DNA, rest assured an individual's entire genome isn't going to fit onto one cuff bracelet. Instead DNA-ME says, "We will only look into specific repeated regions of non-coding DNA that will identify you and only you."  Should you lose your cuff, noone will be able to get any relevant information to identify you. They added, "The sequence on your DNA-ME bracelet is not related to any disease and not even to your sex, hair color, height or body mass." 

Most of our DNA is non-coding. Some of our non-coding DNA are known to have important functions but the role of most hasn't yet been determined.

The bracelet is expected to cost $149 which includes the saliva swab kit for the DNA analysis.

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