Do you remember how little kids (and their parents) loved their temporary tattoos?  Well, they are back and have been blinged out just for adults.  The metallic, non-toxic jewelry inspired faux tattoos from Flash Tattoos are perfect for  the beach or for a special occasion.

They are designed to last 4-6 days.  It is important not to apply anything like sunscreen, soap, lotions or oils on or near the tattoo once applied because these loosen the adhesive.  Conversely, oils like baby oil, olive or coconut oil can be used to soak into the tattoos and remove with some gentle scrubbing.

They look fabulous mixed with real jewelry too. Best of all, there is no long term committment unlike real tattoos. Removal is a lot less cheaper and painless than laser treatments!

They will leave tan lines (and shapes) if you are a sunworshipper.  But what cool tan lines they will be.

Each of their design packs contain 3-4 sheets of various designs and cost around $22 or $30. They ship internationally or you can also buy them from stockists.


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