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How to Make Polymer Clay Flowers for Jewelry

While I was always creatively inclined from the time I could hold a pencil, working with clay did not appeal.  I was the kid who didn't enjoy playing with plasticine.  Then there was that awful pottery class later on which put me off clay for a long time. But clay for jewelry? Bring them on!

The above wonderful polymer clay flower tutorial is by Victoria Belichenko over on the Russian site, Livemaster. It is in Russian so either use the Chrome browser to translate it or copy the URL on Google Translate.

The flowers she makes starts from a tear drop shape of polymer clay which she then cleverly snips with scissors to form the petals.  There are holes to be made in the floral centers - either before or after baking. Her delicate coloring of the flowers really makes the jewelry special. Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

Baltimore based Rachana Saurabh (Mitti Designs) also prepares the flowers the same way for her polymer clay flower hairclip tutorial. This tutorial is in English so there is no need to translate!  She uses colored clay.  I really like how she used the rough texture of the bamboo skewer tool to make the petals more realistic.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my Tutorial on your blog Pearl.

  2. These flowers are lovely. Both Victoria and Rachana make it look so easy but I'm pretty sure it not only takes a bit of God given talent, it also takes lots and lots of practice. :)

    I agree with your assessment, the delicate coloring that Victoria applies to her flowers is truly amazing, she makes them look so elegant.


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