Handmade jewelry artisans use all sorts of tools - for example pliers to manipulate wire into shapes or a die cutter to cut out shapes.  For Jennifer Putzier of Isette , her design tool is the computer and her cutter, a laser cutting machine.   She says her jewelry is "inspired by the past but made with modern technology!"  Right on!

Bamboo chandelier earrings with green chrysophase gemstones

The original designs this successful Illinois based artisan dreams up are translated via the keyboard using 2D image generating software. Her designs are then cut out via a laser cutting machine. She then makes the ear wires and attaches findings to complete the projects.

Ampersand earrings in acrylic

Jennifer has different collections - Moustache, Ampersand and Vane - in various materials such as  bamboo and acrylic.  Her Vane collection is inspired by Victorian wind vanes.

East Vane earrings in acrylic
The advantage of using a precision cutter is evident.  Not only are her designs original, the detail is extraordinary especially with the swirls and fine lines.

Arabesque swallows in acrylic

Victorian Swirls necklace in bamboo
Peacock stud earrings in bamboo
Many artisans use a laser cutting service like Ponoko or Shapeway as laser cutters cost thousands of dollars.  Indeed, that was what Jennifer used until she and her husband Ryan were able to purchase a used one of their own.  Lucky them! They both started a fascinating new blog called 52lasers to chronicle their weekly creative projects using the laser cutter.  Jennifer has tried fun experiments such as using alcohol inks to color the clear and white acrylic.

She is also learning how to laser cut leather and make bracelets!

Jennifer was quite excited to learn kumihimo as well. Naturally she experimented on making her own unique laser cut disk.  She said she "set out to make a versatile disk with more options than the 32 slot version."  As you can see, it is a beautiful version.  She can custom the number of slots to her heart's content.

Jennifer Putzier  also uses her laser to create her cross stitch pendant and floss organizer line in her Beadeux shop.  She sponsored a giveaway for some of these here not too long ago.

Aren't laser cutters useful?

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