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Thick Cord Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

There is the paracord style and there is the micro macrame style of knotted bracelets.  Somewhere in between is a thick cord style.  This fun and interesting tutorial by  Beth of Remarkably Domestic uses a thick cord core and contrasting colors.

What is clever about this DIY is the option to keep close or separate the foundation cords. And to use varying thicknesses of cords.  This creates different looks.  I agree with Beth - the  second option does look a little lacey.

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  1. Hi would love to check out this tutorial but the link doesn't work.


    P.s. Love you blog

    Anzia Parks
    AnziPanz Designs

  2. I just tested out the link and it does work. Please try again - it was probably a temporary glitch.

    Thanks for your kind words - I love sharing!


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