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Functional Hair Jewelry - Leatherdos Mini Tools Clip

Want to carry a mini tool kit around with you without the hassle?  Check out the Leatherdos Mini Tools Clip ($9.99)! It doesn't just keep hair tidy but is a screwdriver, wrench, ruler, cutter and trolley coin all rolled into one!

Never have to search for a tiny screwdriver to fix glasses any more!

This little tool means you'll always have a handy citrus peeler around. Your nails will so thank you!

Not sure how the cutter will manage with Fireline but you get the drift?  This might well be a very handy jewelry maker's emergency tool!

Especially if you are still trying to bead during a power outage!

The mini tools clip is the brainchild of Yaakov Goldberg, an Israeli industrial design student. He noticed how his religious male friends would use their clips holding their kippa or yarmulke (caps)for all kinds of uses. So he upgraded the humble hair clip!


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  1. I love everything about this clip except the cutter, that kind of defeats the purpose

  2. Not quite sure what you mean, Divya?

  3. I think this hair clip is a wonderful idea - it's the kind I use all the time - without the enhancements.

    I too wondered if the cutter edge would cut your hair if (and when) the clip slipped.

  4. It may not. I suspect some force is needed to really cut anything.

    It doesn't have to clip to hair. Maybe somewhere safe in the purse?

  5. I saw them on FB and have to check where I can get a pair.

  6. I am thinking of getting at least one too. Just to clip to somewhere in my purse. My hair is too short to need a clip!

  7. You know - when I saw them using them as a holder for a flame - the first thing I imagined was using them for the mosquito coil!

    You can't tell that half my life was spent out in the woods camping can you?! :0)

  8. omg I've been using mine for like half of these purposes for like 10 years now, but this is AMAZING!


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