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How to Make a Glamorous Ring Holder Tutorial

Taking off your rings to wash your hands is a good thing because the soap will be thoroughly washed away.  Otherwise such residue can irritate the skin.  Putting your rings on the sink might be a bit dodgy as they could easily fall into the sinkhole.  So having a ring holder is definitely an asset. But having a glamorous ring holder is even better especially if you are a jewelry maker!

The instructions on how to make one is by Nash over on Craft a Doodle Doo. Very creative use of a souvenir Eiffel tower on top of a round mirror surrounded with glued on crystals.  Wonder what else you can find to substitute an Eiffel tower?

Like recycling?  Then check out the awesome egg carton version I wrote about some time ago.

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  1. Wow Pearl - I went and re-read the one about the egg carton ring holder and was amazed at the woman who found her ring on the carrot!

    Can you imagine that!

    I remember a friend of my mother's who lost her diamond out of her ring when pulling taffy (remember those days)!

    This is a neat change from how to make a piece of jewelry - to how to keep a piece of jewelry.

    Always appreciated Pearl!

  2. You're welcome. Just remember these kinds of ring holders are best for the home. Someone I know took off her rings at the doctor's office bathroom and forgot about them. She lost all of them including some really sentimental rings.

  3. Oh no! That would have been so upsetting!

    I know if that had been me - I would have kicked myself for years to come!

    I don't understand how people can't turn in things like that instead of pocketing them. I would feel guilty showing up with them on my fingers or pawning them!

    Shame on them!


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