Earlier this summer, I went to Guelph, Ontario's Art on the Street - a wonderful collection of artisans displaying and selling their wares on that hot, hot July day.  I was delighted when I came across Nicole Gagnon who creates minimalist and often exotic wood jewelry for her Etsy store, NG Nicole Gagnon Wooden Designs.

What's different are the clever ways she uses the simple shapes to make contemporary style jewelry.  She clearly loves the natural feel and look of wood. She said, "For my creations, I hand select the woods from my suppliers; always rummaging for the most interesting grains and colors. I often shop at specialty wood mills because I enjoy the unique richness of the exotic woods."

Bloodwood and Pearl Earrings
None of her wooden pieces are stained.  Instead, Nicole uses the natural wood colors, sometimes making layered pieces as with her necklaces so the design is reversible.  She finishes her designs with just a clear water based layer.
Ebony and Pearl Earrngs
She takes advantage of light and dark wood colors. Some of my favorite designs are indeed her marquetry ones. I also like the way she teams up the warm wood with cold metal.

Nicole's shop is a delight to explore - great photographs and a wonderful set of shop process pictures which she also shared in her booth display.  She also sent me a few more of her workshop.

Reversible Padauk and Ebony Geometric necklace

Paudauk Wood and Aluminum Strip Cuff Links and Tie Pin

Reversible Bloodwood and Poplar Geometric necklace
Zebra Wood and Turquoise Earrings

Walnut and Maple Earrings

An all round inspirational designer!

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