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Exquisite Wire and Resin Kanzashi Flower Hair Jewelry

Kanzashi flowers are traditional Japanese hair ornaments which have been in use for thousands of years.  They can be made from a variety of materials - metal, lacquered wood, silk, tortoiseshell and plastic.  One modern master is Japanese artist Sakae whose wire and resin Kanzashi flowers are amazing and exquisite.

She is based in Narita City.  Her talent for hand crafting such gorgeous and delicate pieces from thin brass wire and liquid synthetic resin is astounding. Some of the pieces are so good, one could say they are even better than the original natural flowers!  The pieces can take several days to a month to make.  There may also be delays of several months if the quality does not meet the high standards.

She says she uses the "dip flower" technique. She adds, "My coloring method is original."  I've seen some people use nail polish on wire work, relying on surface tension to fill the small spaces encompassed by the wires.  What Sakae does is nothing short of amazing because the internal spaces of many of her petals are significantly large.

At the moment she sells her pieces only via Yahoo auction in Japan although she is planning to sell internationally at some point. The extremely delicate nature of her designs is the reason for the limitation. She publicizes the auctions through her Facebook page and will be announcing an ordering system in the future.  It is not surprising to learn one of her recent designs sold for 400,000 yen (approximately $3,900).

More pictures of her work can be seen on her Flickr photostream. The butterfly hairpins are also outstanding - they showcase her unique resin coloring technique.  Consider your mind blown!

Chinese Lantern Hairpin

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  1. Wow, these flower creations are absolutely exquisite! What talent this artist has. I have to share it all over the place!

  2. these are fantastic. The colors are so delicate and so very intricate , its truly mesmerising

  3. This is so gorgeous, inspiring and even makes me experience some peace, I can't explain. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Amazing - truly beautiful drool worthy flowers - I am truly envious of her talent

  5. I'm a big fan of Sakae's -- her work is so amazing, gorgeous beyond belief! Each flower and butterfly is a masterpiece. I'm in awe.

    (BTW, I actually own a japanese craft book on this technique -- sans Sakae's colouring method, which is what makes the final product so lifelike and exquisite. A fab little book, but sadly using a resin product I suspect you can only find in Japan. Of cause, the pieces there are more basic and not even near Sakae's quality, but they're very pretty nonetheless.)

    1. What book are you talking about?
      Her work is fantastic

  6. I am always in awe of a true artist.

    It is absolutely humbling to see the talents of this remarkable lady.

    Anyone who would take months to create the perfect piece deserves our respect.

  7. There is little left for me to say except that her creations are "Absolutely Unbelievable !"

  8. Blown away, totally! Unbelievable artistry!

  9. Similar work I saw at Margarita Zimina on Etsy. She is doing fantastic work too! Hummingbird and Hibiscus are my favorite. I think even the Japanese so can not, as a Margarita!

  10. Replies
    1. I will be sharing a tutorial about how to do this kind of resin work in the new year,Patricia. So stay tuned!

  11. I want to ask to the artist Sakae that how much one can earn by making this jewelry and flowers items?


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