This wire star links tutorial is a great way to practice making consistent wire bends! It is by Watchmeflyy on Instructables. She made the links as small as possible.  However, if you don't mind them being a little bigger, use a small broad nose pliers to help you make even bends the width of the jaws.

She also includes the instructions on how to make the clasp - I like and also make this style - and how to make your own jump rings.  If you are doing the latter, make sure you cut the wire coil one coil at a time, using one side of your flush cutter and then the other side for the next coil.  This gives you cleaner cuts.  Otherwise for really flush cuts, you will have to use a jewelry saw.

Another alternative for making larger pendant sized wire stars is to use a star cookie cutter as a mandrel (see tutorial link below)

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