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Make a Fabulous Tube and Multicord Knotted Bracelet Tutorial

Version 1

This bracelet by Inspiration and Realisation is a stunner - one that screams "designer made"!  It is created from a lot of cord and some strategically placed metal tubes.  Pearl dangles really complete the design beautifully.

There are 2 versions of this bracelet.  The first tutorial requires two knots. The designer only had long metal tubes which did not sit as well around the wrist.  So she wrote a second tutorial which not only used shorter metal tubes but simplified the design with just one knot.

Version 2
She also had a wonderful way of creating a bracelet mandrel out of a not quite empty toilet paper roll and plastic bag.  Clever and resourceful!

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  1. Wow, Pearl, both of these look fantastic, and definitely the second one will be much faster to make. At first I thought these had been made with natural Greek leather... Mmmm imagine them with turquoise!! Clean wrapping on the ends, too. Thank you very much for posting these tuts.


  2. Lovely bracelet with casual elegance. I found it interesting to note how Donatella, studied and then improved upon her original design, smoothing out the rough patches while creating a more polished bracelet and tutorial. She's one very smart cookie.

  3. I agree with Barbara. The waxed cord does look like leather!

    But great tutorial!

    Thanks for finding it and posting it Pearl!

  4. Thanks should go to the designer for sharing her great ideas so we all learn.


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