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Tiny Diver Cleavage Necklaces by ekoD Works

Prudish?  Maybe you should just skip this post.  But if you have a sense of humor and enjoy seeing how both male and female designers come up with imaginative and playful pieces, then read on.  Fukusawa Takayuki  is a Tokyo based artist designer of ekoD Works. He came up with his Tanima Diver pendant necklaces which translates to Valley Diver...the valley as in cleavage!

His tiny diver cleavage necklaces feature a range of figurines in the act of diving or scaling.  There are also a couple of animal ones including a delightful sloth, both hanging over the valley!

He actually specializes in deliberately funny designs.  ekoD Works' business principle is all about "Making a world full of humorous art and design" and to be known as the clown of the art world.   His business goal is simply to continue creating things which make people say, "He made another ridiculous thing." (Note : He also designed a nosebleed light switch plate!)

This is still a concept design but he hopes to bring these into his shop by the end of the year. The prototype designs were made with polymer clay but future ones will be made with PVC resin. Check out his Facebook for more news.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I love those, Pearl! Especially the mountain climber and the spaceman. That man has a wonderful sense of humour and definitely a tongue-in-cheek view of the world.
    Thanks for another entertaining post.

  2. Too Funny!

    I guess I would have to wear my push up bra to be able to wear one of those though! :0)

  3. How very whimsical. Unfortunately these would only work with well endowed women. I doubt the pendants would generate the same effect on a small breasted gal,like myself, who has no cleavage to dive into or climb out of. I guess my pendant would have to be one of Sherlock Holmes with his magnifying glass, searching for the abyss.


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