Many jewelry suppliers offer volume discounts - the more you buy, the greater the price reduction. You don't have to have a jewelry business to want a good deal. With tight household budgets these days, getting a good discount really helps.

One of the biggest jewelry suppliers out there is Fire Mountain Gems.  No single jewelry supplier carries everything but this company has a huge variety. The problem for individual buyers is that you have to amass quite a large order - a minimum of 200 items-  to get their lowest price. That means infrequent buys. Not very convenient if you run out of items in between orders.

One easy solution is to get a bunch of jewelry making friends together to do bulk orders.  But what if you don't have enough friends or don't want to wait around for everyone to get organized?  Well, there is a better way to go!  Just check out Jet Beads.   You get to purchase anything from FMG via Jet Beads always the lowest 200+ price level which is 40% savings - no minimum amounts.

I first heard about Jet Beads on LinkedIn when someone recommended the service after another member griped about being able to shop on FMG only once a year.

Jason Walz Bracelet Design
The person behind Jet Beads is Tuscon based Jason Walz. He became a Platinum FMG buyer because of his own long standing online jewelry businesses, The Custom Mala Shop and JK Walz Jewelry.  Yup, he is a very large wholesale customer of FMG, ordering daily.   (Please note that he has no have any affiliation with FMG other than as a customer.)

Jet Beads - assembly line of orders
The easiest way to shop with Jet Beads is to create a Shopping or Wish list in FMG's Favorites section using under own free FMG account and make it shareable so Jet Beads can grab the list. This system does work well because I have used it myself when I group buy with some of my great beading buddies back in Halifax. Jason also offers a Trial Run so people can experience how ordering works.

Jason's FAQ and Guide to Ordering covers all the questions you might have about how he processes FMG orders.  Some important points include the shipment cost which is the cost of shipment from Jet Beads to individual customers - not FMG to Jet Beads.  Getting supplies takes a bit longer this way but worth the wait considering the huge savings.

Shipments going out from Jet Beads
He is able to group shop for interested buyers through Jet Beads and still be worth all his effort because Platinum buyers get a further discount of 10%.

Clearly legions of people appreciate his reshipment service for guaranteed discounts - check out his large following on Facebook with many posts to page comments from happy clients.  There is an instructional video there which explains how to make a FMG Wish List for Jet Beads processing.

Jason offers a draw for a $25 gift certificate each month to people who sign up for his newsletter. He is also offering a gift certificate giveaway for readers here.

If you would like to win $25 worth of FMG jewelry making supplies via Jet Beads and stretch it a lot further with huge savings, please make a comment below. Make sure you leave contact info if you do not have an online shop or blog.

Subscribers need to click on the post title to come to my actual blog. Scroll down and enter your comment. Pick Name/URL. If you don't have a store or blog, leave the URL blank. 

This giveaway is international.

Extra entries if you become or are a blog subscriber or follower etc. If you also do shout outs about this giveaway, those will count as additional entries too! Please say so in the comments.

It ends in a week's time at 6 pm EST Monday,  September 15 , 2014 . I will pick the winner randomly and announce the results as soon as possible after. So be sure to leave a contact email if you don't have an online link or make sure you come back and check! Otherwise I will redraw in a week. Good luck!


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