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Book Review : Micro Macramé Basics and Beyond

Micro macramé jewelry has been trending for a while now.  It's not hard to see why.  There is more to this technique than just friendship bracelets.  Exquisite jewelry can be made from knotted cords and besides, the process is as soothing as it is to do other repetitive craft methods like kumihimo, crochet and knotting.

A new book just out on this technique is Micro Macramé Basics and Beyond: Knotted Jewelry with Beads, which I received from the publishers for review.   The author is Raquel Cruz, a passionate macramé artist and graphic designer who creates original and refreshing pieces and shows how she does it.

The book caters to both rank beginners as well as those further along the path of this specialized art form.  One noteworthy section in a book filled with clever designs is the last chapter on Specialty Knotting which includes 2 projects on Cavandoli (geometric weaving style).

The Basics chapter though is the foundation of the book.  There aren't that many knots in micro macramé work, but the author covers them in detail. If all you know are square knots, then the information here will enlighten you.

She also includes many helpful tips like how to estimate cord length and how to use of Fray Check as a sealant and as a further means of stiffening  knotted cord.  She also covers different types of knotting boards - commercial ones as well as DIY boards.  It is a pity a picture of her DIY set up is not pictured although she does describe how she made hers.

One of the beginner projects is the Double Rainbow of Color necklace where the knotted strands look like metal chain at first glance! It is a great example of how to use macramé knotting to connect various components.

One excellent  and creative project is the Whimsical Wheels earrings. The knotting appears to spiral around a wreath like design. Bicones are not only beautiful additions but they also help set the distance between the knotted sections.

The Vision in White bracelet is aptly named. It is indeed a vision in white with the pearls and spiral motifs.

The Curvy Mother of Pearl bracelet cleverly takes the knotting to just the edges of this undulating design!

The author also covers micro macramé bezel work such as the Wrapped Aztec Treasure bracelet below.

Another outstanding bezel work design from the book is the gorgeous flowing Window Glass necklace. The beautiful way she finished off the pendant cords and integrated the coordinating 2 mm cord is pure genius!

Just one small quibble. The uneven photographic quality and style of the project and instructional images could have been better.  The images for the Antique Copper Caviar bracelet (not shown), for example, were difficult to make out because both the thread and beads were the same chocolate hue. However it does not detract from the usefulness of this excellent and refreshingly innovative book.

Highly recommended for budding micro macrame workers and inspirational for more experienced artists.

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  1. Another great review Pearl.

    A great tip for anyone about the necessity of good photography Pearl.

    There's nothing more aggravating then not being able to see what is going on when you are trying to follow the instructions via a picture. Even after you've cleaned your glasses!

  2. It is tough to photography jewelry that's for sure.

  3. Pearl, this looks like a very informative book, regardless of the occasional photographic flaws.
    One would think these things would be corrected during the editing of the book and before it went into print, but that is not always the case, unfortunately.
    The projects covered do look beautiful and are certainly things I'd love to make, so a few bad photos would be worth the trade off. I've seen far too many informative books filled with clear instructions and patterns of projects that are makeable but not desirable and, at times, not very practical.

  4. Hi Pearl, Thanks for your review. Appreciate the details and information about my book. Best wishes, Raquel Cruz.

    1. Thanks for leaving your comment, Raquel! Not many authors do. Thank you for a really inspirational book which will hopefully launch new macrame artists!


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