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Do You Still Wear a Watch? A Tutorial and a Poll

I came across this easy braided rope watch strap tutorial by Anjelika Temple over on Brit+Co. The custom watch strap means the watch can be worn more like a bracelet. Plus you get to control the colors you like.

But it got me thinking.  I wondered if people were moving away from wearing watches especially with the near ubiqitous use of cell phones. These not only tell the time but do a whole lot more if they are also smartphones.

I have dropped from being an everyday watch wearer to wearing one on rare occasions now.  A watch was a necessity before but doing without now means I could wear a bracelet instead on my left wrist!

I thought doing a poll might determine if watches are really out of fashion especially for women these days. This could help us decide if it is worth getting watch faces for jewelry making especially if you sell jewelry.

Go ahead and take the poll "Do You Still Wear a Watch?" and check back for results :

Do You Still Wear a Watch? free polls 

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  1. I'd probably still wear a watch hadn't I developed an allergy to straps made of all kinds of materials (never tested precious metals). Now I know I can make it without one, so many gadgets show the time :)

  2. I never think of looking at my cell phone for the time - isn't that strange? Then again - I often forget to bring my cell phone when I leave the house.

    However - when I leave the house - I do remember to strap on my watch!

    I'm old school I think Pearl.

    I've got more than one clock in every room of this old barn. I've a love of clocks -- especially ones that chime. But I have them in all shapes. That goes for my wrist as well.

    And now that I can make my own - oh dear!

  3. Since I'm a dinosaur when it comes to today's technological devices, I find I do occasionally wear a watch but most of the time I simply forget to put one on. Right now I have 2 watches and they both need new batteries making me long for the days of the self-winding watches - doubt that they make those any more.

  4. I haven't worn a watch since around 2004-2006. From sometime in my school years (oh, getting that first watch was something special, wasn't it!) up until I finished my university studies it was useful as you didn't always have a wall clock in the lecture and exam halls (and you couldn't really have your phones to look at). But after that... It's been very few occasions when I've missed it, there's just so many other devices that can tell me what time it is, no matter where I am.

    Sometimes I find a really cool watch to drool over, but they're usually way too expensive and too chunky as it's mainly male watches.

    xkcd did a comic commenting on it here:

  5. Most of us grew up with watches so it is hard to break the habit, I know.

    Maneki - that cartoon is spot on! Now I find many people are wearing activity trackers and soon smartwatches.


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