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Braided Gemstone and Bead Cluster Bracelet Tutorial

Some of the easiest jewelry design tutorials deliver big bangs for the buck!  I particularly love Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects' lovely braided gemstone and bead cluster bracelet tutorial. No macrame just straight braiding but with 3 sets of waxed linen cord, each with three lengths.

The chips and beads are added as the work progresses.  Adrianne recommends just how many beads to load on at each section.  Looks like she uses Super New Glue too like I do!

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  1. This is a perfect bracelet for all those chips I have Pearl.

    And also a great little project to keep my hands busy in the evening when I sit down after supper.

    I left a comment over on her page with your name attached - I like to leave a trail of gems... :0)

  2. very cute and thanks for posting the pattern


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