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What would you do with broken pieces of wood? Toss them into the recycle bin right?  But take a look at German designer Marcel Dunger's work and you will think differently about broken and jagged pieces of maple wood. What he does is make broken wood and colorful biresin jewelry!

The combination is unique and garnered much attention because of it.  Once the bioresin sets, he hand finishes (sands) the pieces.  He said, "The decorative elements reach their maximum color fastness in sunlight."

I always say this  - it's not what you use but HOW you use it which counts.  Marcel's work is a wonderful example of not dismissing something which most would regard as trash.

Check out his new shop!


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  1. The combination of the rustic pieces of wood and the smooth, transparency of the resin makes for a truly lovely piece of jewelry. Who would have known that such opposites could look so pretty together?

  2. Oh - its so cool. I never thought of mixing wood and resin before

  3. Wow!!! What a unique idea. I love his creativity!!
    Thanks Pearl

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous!!

    Some people's minds work in such wonderful ways don't they!

  5. I love the pink necklace. Very interesting combination of materials and so unique.


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