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How to Make a Simple Adjustable Wire Ring Tutorial

Getting ring sizes right is a challenge.  So an adjustable ring really helps as there is plenty of give. I've written about different adjustable wire ring tutorials before (see links below).  Here is another super one by Rena Klingenberg.

She uses 6/0 seed beads. But you could just as well use small 4 mm round gemstones or faceted crystals!

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  1. I've always looked up to Rena Klingenberg, her advice to jewelry designers/makers is spot on correct. She also is a very creative person and her adjustable ring proves that point beautifully.
    Even though I tend to be all thumbs when it comes to wire work, I think I could probably make this ring without too much trouble.
    Thank you Pearl for this tutorial and I ended up visiting the other ring tutorials that were listed at the end of your post. (Love the 8 loop ring base tut of Ornamentea - it made a really pretty ring).

  2. Rena has some awesome ideas for sure!

    And the other tutorials I do link to will help too. ;-)


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