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Contemporary Leather Neck Wire and Bangle Tutorial

It's not often one comes across neck wire designs.  But this contemporary leather neck wire tutorial by Asergeeva of Anna Makes over on Instructables is a worthy mention not just because of the modern style. It incorporates simple wire and basic leather work.

What's also interesting is the use of 1/8 inch bare brass brazing rods which is just under 11G.  Another alternative are bare (no flux coating) bronze welding rods from wielding shops. Or you can work with 12G wire from jewelry supply stores.

The wire is cut to the right length for the neck and the bangle and sanded - especially the ends. Take careful note of how she bent the neck wire shape.

Can't handle that thickness?  Drop to say 14G. Or opt for a ready made neck wire.  But really, the thicker wires will look better.

Rather than making the leather bit, it might be possible to recycle the right kind of handbag straps!

Not into this leather look?  Consider doing a long peyote tube and feed onto the wire!  You may have to add glue on the inside to make sure the tube stays put.

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  1. My first thought was of recycled handbag handles, too! The other cool thing about making this is that even if you use a softer cord, the leather will help the necklace to maintain a more open shape (not a V-shape)!


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