I don't usually share a proposal story.  After all the internet is rife with stories of unusual wedding proposals.  But Blake and Carly's story is special because he proposed with a beautiful jewelry armoire which he handcrafted himself!  The jewelry armoire is sure to be a treasured family heirloom.

The home video shows how the family was clearly in on the proposal but she just thought her boyfriend was giving her an anniversary gift to celebrate their 2 year relationship.  What was so outstanding about his enormous effort was not just the making of the cabinet but the planning and care it took to make it a surprise for her.  There were lots of other small hidden gifts each of which showed he knew her well!

His thoughtfulness and respect for his future wife was evident. He didn't add some finishing touches to the armoire because he wanted to give her the choice of how things would work for her before completing the project. And the wedding band design to compliment the engagement ring would also be her decision although he had some suggestions! One suspects that if he could have made the ring, he would have.

From start to finish, it was never about him but about how he quietly showed his love by deed, not words.  The part that got me was when he wiped away her happy tears with his own t-shirt towards the end. Many men are uncomfortable and adrift when confronted with a crying woman, but not this one.  It all bodes well for a long and happy marriage, don't you think?

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