Rings are so easily lost for many reasons. Some people never get round to resizing them. Our fingers fluctuate in size during the same day and rings can slip away without our knowledge. One woman in Arizona lost her wedding ring last week when she accidentally gave it away with the Halloween candy!  Just the other day, I had not noticed one of my rings had come off but it was safely still in the gardening glove finger when I put the glove on again!   But people might not be so lucky if they dropped it at the beach /lake or anywhere in the great outdoors.

So who are you going to call? The Ring Finders that's who. This is an online directory of more than 250 metal detectorists in different countries (mostly in the US and Canada) who can help locate lost jewelry. The site was founded by a dedicated Canadian metal detectorist, Chris Turner, so people can easily find a metal detecting specialist nearest them. Apparently most of them just ask for travel costs and work on a reward basis and some give a percentage of their reward to charity for their unique service.

The Ring Finders have, to date, recovered over 1,500 pieces of jewelry worth an estimated $3.6 million. Along the way, they probably saved a number of marriages too. Rings are often flung during marital spats and are lost that way.

Chris said in his blog post, "Believe it or not that is a very common thing that people do. You never see many people on my videos talking about this because they don't want to be seen or talk about such a search and most won't want their picture taken."

One recent call for help involved an upset young woman who did own up to getting mad at her husband and throwing her diamond ring into a grassy area near a local college in Vancouver.

Watch the search video here - Chris forgot to bring his test ring and had to get her to fling HIS wedding band to get an approximate distance for the search!

It took Chris about 30 minutes to locate the ring and to surprise her because she didn't notice him picking it up.  But her reaction to getting her ring back is priceless. No wonder metal detecting specialists like Chris like doing what they do - they get a huge reward seeing the joy and relief in the faces of those they help.  One hopes it was a happy ending for her and her husband.


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