Friendship bracelets have grown up!  Make them with quality cords rather than embroidery threads or hemp, finish them well with good findings and you will have beautiful bracelets. Check out these excellent video tutorials from the Macrame School.  They both use lines but in different ways.  The zigzag bracelet tutorial features the clever use of contrasting colored cords.

The ends are just tied together.  An alternative is to adapt the pattern and  use a button to start with and knot up a button loop on the other end.

The Snaky Zig Zag Lines bracelet tutorial features a clever design which was also called the Egyptian bracelet - because it resembles Egyptian motifs.  Only 1 type of knot is used. It's cool how the knots snake up and down!

I also like their chevron macrame bracelet tutorial.  Some of lines are achieved with beads. No size is mentioned - this will depend on the cord thickness you use. The instructor added a magnetic ribbon clasp.  Regular ribbon clasps can also be used.

This chevron bracelet  tutorial has beads on the perimeters of the bracelet. What a cool variation! Hmm, that hole calls for something to fill it, don't you think?

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