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Basic Leather Bracelet Riveting Tutorials

One of the easiest cold connection techniques to learn is riveting.  There are all sorts of wonderful jewelry making rivets on the market which makes the task so much easier!  Then you can use the basic leather bracelet riveting techniques for your own awesome designs.  Jamie Hogsett of Antelope Beads' video tutorial covers the absolute basics using easy hexagonal screw-in rivets and Tierracast's rivets.

The critical points to remember is the size of the holes you need to punch for the rivets as well as the depth of what you wish to rivet together - the more layers, the longer the rivets you need.

Need an awesome tutorial inspiration?  Check out the riveted leather watch strap tutorial by Kelsey over on Loose Ends!  You don't need to have a watch face.  Maybe a wire wrapped bead instead?

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  1. Those are really lovely and really in style out here in the wild West!

  2. Those watches look great! I mostly use rivets to strengthen holes in the leather, for example in little drawstring bags.

  3. You can also use them to add decorative elements in bracelets not just the watch straps.

    Riveted leather jewelry is definitely trending!

  4. Thanks for sharing my DIY watch tutorial! Riveting is so fun and easy to do!

  5. Thank you, Kelsey for such a great design tutorial!


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