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Elinor Voytal is a British jewelry artisan who graduated with a first class degree in knitted textiles. Her graduate collection of unique jewelry went on to attract attention.  Her machine knitted work uses silk and viscose.

Jewel Pixel Collection
Her inspiration came from pixelised manipulations of her own photographs. Thus two of her collections are called Jewel Pixels and Pixels. Elinor certainly has a talent for mixing soft and sometimes delicate materials with hard metal such as chains and crimps. Opposites do indeed attract.

Jewel Pixels Collection
 Her statement pieces are original, distinctive and oh so one of a kind!
Jewel Pixels Collection

Pixels Collection

Crimps Collection

Bespoke Collection
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  1. Well Pearl - I am absolutely stunned by Elinor's work!

    Having been a knitter since I was 6 - and having been a machine knitter as well - I've never thought of doing anything like this!

    It's so different! So unique and what a different twist on knitting and the whole idea of jewelry.

    My favourite are the bangles followed by that long multi-stranded necklace and coming in third - the earrings that look like coloured pops of corn.


  2. Awesome! And even if knitting is not for me, the use of crimp beads with the Kanzashi petals is an absolutely bright idea!

  3. It pays to be open minded about all types of materials and techniques!

  4. I counsel children and adults in my practice. It would be great to try your ring and see how it can benefit clients! Very excited to see your products! -Jessica


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