"Tilt" Fidget Ring

Successful innovators are just that because they are able to tap into an unmet need.  One shining example is Washington DC artist, Meg Dattoria, came up with her clever collection of kinetic rings called Fidget Rings to help anxious or really restless people.  She knows all too well what a fidget feels and does because she is one herself.

Meg realized her habit of moving her legs and feet especially when engaged in a low energy activity like watching tv was disruptive to those around her. But she needed to fidget "to calm her anxieties and focus her mind."  She is not alone as many of us have different ways of fidgeting - twirling locks of hair, tapping feet, biting fingernails are but a few examples.

As Meg herself wrote in her thesis paper, rhythmic sensory stimulation is not a new concept - for example, oral mantras have been used for thousands of years as an auditory focusing technique.

So how do they work?  Meg sent me a couple of her fidget rings (shown below) for review - the current Slide 1 ring as well as an earlier prototype all-nylon version which is more durable. The final design will have ths same band as the original but with a  flatter slider. The new design will be out later this week. There is also a Slide 1 ring available for a lucky winner in his or her choice of size and color.

fidget ring
Slide 1 original and prototype for new all nylon Slide 1
The Slide 1 is the simplest of her designs. The rings are made such that the slider can be moved along the whole channel or just to and fro. I had no trouble selecting my size  using one of my own rings and her ring sizing chart. The rings are on the bulky side but comfortable enough to wear.

While the slider looks like a typical ring focal, one has to remember the function of the ring, This focal moves!  The prototype slider moves more smoothly than the original. Having the slider below means one can fidget by manipulating it with one's other hand underneath. So no one can see you fidgeting!

The slider does make a slight sound when moved but won't be noticeable in normal environments. I will try it out in at the cinema as I often get the fidgets during slow parts of a movie. Far better than shuffling constantly in my seat and annoying my neighbors!

Shown here are some of the other designs including the metallic ones.  She used 3D computer software to design the rings.  The plastic created with a combination of hand metal work and 3D printing with an acrylic photopolymer.  She hand dyes them in a variety of colors. The metal ones are made from a bronze-steel composite.
She also has one necklace design - the Spin in brass.

 Her designs "mimic the natural way our hands move when we fidget".  The rings also help individuals with ADHD, Asperger Syndrome and autism by increasing their focus on specific activities. Meg's brother was diagnosed with ADHD as a child so she is well aware of how the rings will benefit these individuals.

"Roll1" Fidget Ring

"Roll2" Fidget Ring

"Slide1" Fidget Ring

"Slide2" Fidget Ring
Meg also offers a specially discounted Classroom set (below) for teachers who have to deal with fidgety young children all the time!


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