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Offset Superduo Beaded Bracelet Tutorials

Superduos which are small two hole beads add so much to beaded jewelry designs.  Check out these clever offset superduo beaded bracelet tutorials where these beads are used in novel ways.  The first is a superduo peyote wrap bracelet video tutorial by Kelly from Off the Beaded Path.  This one is fun to make and stopping will be hard. It will not be surprising if one goes round the wrist 3 times !

I also like this fun peyote and herringbone stitch superduo bracelet where the two hole beads end up herringbone style. No wonder they called it the "Vertebrae" bracelet! The video tutorial is by Heather from the Potomac Bead Company

Another cool tutorial from Potomac Bead company is their tubular peyote superduo snakeskin bracelet design!

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  1. Hmmm - does working with superduos make it go faster?

    Will pass this on to those I know that do this of course Pearl!

  2. Yes as they are larger than typical seedbeads. But their usefulness is the double holes as the design possibilities are multiplied.

  3. PS. Thanks for passing on your friends!


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