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How to Make an Easy Clay Ring Holder Tutorial

I've covered ring holders before.  These are very useful items to safely hold rings when you take them off to wash your hangs.  This clever polymer clay ring holder tutorial by For the Makers is just the ticket, not just for the bathroom but perhaps on your dressing table.

As you can see, the cones aren't very high.  Different colors can be used. The speckled look was achieved by rolling the clay in cracked peppercorns of all things!  One commenter used some leftover pyrite (fool's gold).

Consider using resin clay which is heavier than the polymer clay and will not need heat or glue. Just do surface embellishments i.e. roll the completed cone in say, sprinkles. It is not effective to mix in sprinkles the clay when you are making the cones because the sprinkles will be lost.

Resin clay can also be painted once dried.

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  1. You could really have fun with this couldn't you?

    Great idea! Now I guess I'm going to have to invest in some resin clay :0)

    1. Absolutely! It also makes a great DIY ring display for those who sell jewelry.


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