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How to Make a Long Dreamcatcher Necklace Tutorial

I don't know why dreamcatchers appeal.  But if you like them, here is another great video tutorial on how to make a dreamcatcher necklace.  This particular design by Aira Tran is on the large size so it lends itself very well for being a long necklace too.  It looks great with round necklines.

An unloved bangle is a good bet for the frame. The use of cord for the "netted" part makes for a solid looking design. Different colored cords and feathers will change up the look for sure.

She just simply knotted the necklace cord.  So finishing with proper cord endings is definitely another option.

Check out my past post on other dreamcatcher jewelry tutorials.

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  1. What a cool necklace idea! Thanks, Pearl.

  2. We see a lot of this type of necklace here in the West.

    Using an old bangle is a good starting point!

  3. What a wonderful DIY dreamcatcher! I think I want to make some at home.
    By the way, I just created some dreamcatchers too ...


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