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Use Up Scraps and Broken Jewelry with this Rhinestone Cuff Tutorial Idea

Crafter Mark Montano's rhinestone cuff video tutorial so reminds me of bead embroidery!  He uses both metal and rhinestone chains to surround cabochons for very eclectic, colorful and easy to make cuffs.  You just need a cuff base and E6000 glue (or use 2 part epoxy).  I also like his tip of using scotch tape to keep the cabochons in place while the glue is setting up otherwise they will just slide off!

As short bits of chain are used, this project is ideal for using up the odd lengths of chain. You could also reclaim the useable bits of broken jewelry and give these pieces a new lease of life.

Don't want to use your gemstone cabochons?  Make some resin, resin clay or polymer clay ones using silicone molds.

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  1. I think this is a great idea!! All your suggestions would make this cuff look incredible!

    I just bought chunks of turquoise Howlite. I think they would do very well on something like this with chain etc.

    Once I saw the scotch tape used like that it suddenly made everything so much simpler! I've been wondering about how to keep things in place while the glue dries.... It's great advice!

    A fun tutorial - Mark is fun to watch and rather inspiring!

  2. These look so fun to make, I will have to try this! :)


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