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Chain and Tila Bead Bracelet Tutorial

One way to come up with unique designs is to mix and match components which we would typically not pair together.  So chain links and two hole tila beads?  You bet!  Check out the tutorial by Ramona Brummett over on the Harlequin Beads blog which shows a chain and tila bead bracelet with a button clasp.

It is not really chain mail but the overall result gives the impression of the technique. The use of the flat tila beads placed almost end to end also makes the bracelet look a bit like a cuff.

This one is easy to do so beginners take note!

Hat Tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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  1. That had me fooled when I first looked at the pic. I thought it was leather or something else in the middle. So neat!

    1. Must have been the color of the tila beads that had you fooled!

  2. The look is fantastic. I agree with "aims", I thought there was a silky pale pink ribbon down the center of the bracelet. It was only by going to the tutorial and checking the materials list that I realized where the tila beads were being used.


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