I have come across a number of dual function bracelets (see links below) but BitterSweet has a cool design especially for long haired people.  The clever stylish bracelet was designed specially for holding hair elastic.  It removes the irritation of having a tight and often uninspiring elastic band on the wrist.

There is a lovely back story to how the bracelet came to being for Bittersweet's  husband and wife team.  The original bracelet was created by Shireen Thor's husband, Arni, as a gift for her. He noticed her very common habit of wearing an uncomfortable hair elastic on her wrist so she could tie up her hair at work.  It wasn't pretty to look at and it left a mark on her wrist.

Why Bittersweet?  Shireen explained, "When my husband surprised me with the bracelet he had it engraved with my name (Shireen Maria) in my mother's native language, Persian. However, my Icelandic husband did not realize that Persian is written from right to left (not left to right like English), so the engraving read "Maria Shireen." When translated to English "Maria Shireen" means "Bitter Sweet" which is where the name of the bracelet was born :)"

Arni now has a patent pending for this innovative bracelet with a channel for the elastic.  The bracelets range in price from $45 to $85.  They are made with a stainless steel core coated with silver and/or 22K gold - both yellow and rose gold. There is also a black version. The bracelets come in 2 styles - the classic smooth version and a floral design one.  One of my favorites is the two tone one below made from sterling silver and 22K gold plating :

What I also like about the design is making the humble hair elastic an integral part of color coordinated wrist jewelry!

Photography by Aubree Lynn Photography


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