Beading around leather cords is not very common.  Yet the simple bead weaving techniques used in these tutorials are effective. I do love geometric designs so it was a delight to come across Svetlana McDaniel's Southwestern Native American inspired beaded jewelry designs.  The color combination is wonderful although you could use any other one you like.

Her bracelet design tutorial is noteworthy because she beaded around leather strips - something that is uncommon to do with beaded designs.  I also love the use of the button closure.

The video tutorial is in Russian with no subtitles but the design is easy enough to follow!  Definitely an easy one for beginners.

There is also a matching Native America earrings tutorial over on her blog, Beads Madness.  You can also purchase the PDF if you prefer more thorough instructions.

This design from the Russian site biserok. org is so easy to do.  The beaded beads are just right angled woven affairs, made separately and then threaded onto cords. Mixing in metal beads is a nice touch. You don't need to translate the page as there is a diagram.  Great bead stash buster!

Both the above designs can be used for either necklaces or bracelets. Just add cord endings and clasps of your choice.

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