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Beautiful Loom Beaded Bracelet Tutorial and the Ricks Beading Loom

Did you see this beautiful loom beaded bracelet tutorial over on Art Beads? It is called the Hypnoptic Blocks and it is designed by Cheri Carlson.  These bracelets are best made with uniform Japanese beads and geometric patterns in the right colors are particularly stunning.  But the only thing that usually puts me off looms is the gazillion warp threads you have to deal with after you finish it. Seems counterproductive that a loom speeds up the work only to slow you down at the end.

I had previously come across a DIY loom which eliminated these pesky thread ends. But there is one commercial tool called the Ricks Beading Loom.  Watch Art Bead's how to set up video and see how the design gets rid of the majority of the warp threads.  I love how the loops magically disappear with just a few gentle strokes.  Woot!  The only drawback is the cost - around $45- 50.

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  1. This bracelet design really caught my eye when I saw it.

    Having watched this video, I've now gone a step further to see how to use a Ricks Loom and how to do the bead weaving. For me that is 20 minutes well spent learning something new.

    I'm really fascinated with this particular design (which I know wouldn't be something for a beginner in this technique).

    This whole post has got me thinking in an entirely new direction!

    Thanks Pearl!

    1. Actually, it shouldn't be too too hard for you to learn. You do need to have a pattern and Japanese seed beads (very uniform) are best. Once set up, you just pick up the beads needed in a row and place them in between the warp threads. Then take the needle thru the beads to secure them in place. Repeat until done! The finishing is the tricky bit so this loom saves time.


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